Our history


Genius at Work

Martin Garneau, engineer by profession, probably didn’t seem like the typical kombucha tea brewmaster. Yet, it’s specifically this thirst for precision and analytical rigor that led him to the tasty beverage.

His first encounter with kombucha tea happened during a stay in California. Between surfing trips and burritos, Martin met with an acquaintance who described herself as being an adept of the drink for over 20 years. Unfamiliar with the many health benefits the product boasted, Martin digging deeper, eventually landed on an ancient kombucha tea recipe, which he later refined with scientific precision.
Back home in Quebec, Martin, still inspired by the West Coast’s laid-back and collaborative aura surrounding kombucha, joins Abdel Ahraiba,  a longtime friend from the world of engineering. Together, they began to brew great ideas ... especially in terms of kombucha.

After letting the idea simmer (ferment?) for over a year, Martin and Abdel put their engineering minds to the test and started manufacturing their very own kombucha tea. Lead by their strict cartesian minds, they embarked on a mission to maximize the benefits of their products, using only the best certified organic ingredients, while respecting the ancestral know-how.

Eternal perfectionists, the partners are still hard at work to refine their recipes and improve their brewing techniques to this day.

The future looks mighty tasty!

The name

First-born in the family, Elikxir got its name from the tonics of yesteryear, which could, as some claimed, cure just about any ailment, from lightest to gravest. As naturally diverse as its health benefits, Elikxir kombucha was crafted in order to energize, refresh and create a general state of well-being.